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  • Jason Wallis

    Hi Didier,  We're about to finish 1.4 and starting to look at features to include in the next version.  Could you let me know a little more about this one?  Can you share an example use-case where this is used to illustrate how it would work?

  • Didier Beaufays

    Hi Jason,

    the use-case I was thinking of is when different users working on the same org but managing different business sectors or activities can have their own (private) calendar. Lots of companies are using a single Salesforce instance and define sharing rules or territories to split their business.

    The goal is that one user can see only its own data, contacts,... and its own calendar.

    In my own business case example, a user site manager needs to manage a calendar for appoitments for his own customers and service providers, that another user doesn't need to see.



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