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SFDC Customer Community & Appointiv Compatibility



  • Official comment
    Jason Wallis

    Hi Alexandra.  We're building a Customer Community interface now. 

    It will be a Lightning Bolt Component that you can easily add to your Community page where the user clicks on a "Book Now" or similarly named button to open our booking tool. 

    Since the Community user is already authenticated, they won't have to enter their personal details on the form.  

    You will be able to control what is launched when they click the button using our standard pre-filled webform links.  

    We have a lot of this already completed and it is slated to be released just after our upcoming 1.5 version release which is coming out this month.

  • Fsanzbataller

    Hi, We just installed 1.5.2 version and we would like to ask if there is any news related to that Lightning bolt component to book an appointment from the Customer Community. Is it enabled already? If not, when can we expect to have it operative? Thank you for your time

  • Miles

    Looks like Appointiv is now up to version 1.9.5.  I've installed the package but I don't see any lightning components or bolt solutions for customer communities.  Can you provide an update?  Am I missing an add-on?


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